Meet the Maker

Hello all and thank you for visiting my shop!   I am EnJouli, the owner of, Gemocracy!  I fell in love with earrings at an early age and was routinely encouraged by my mother, to always wear a fine pair of earrings.  My nearest and dearest friends would probably agree that, at least once, in our friendship they've been told, by me to "Go find some earrings to put on." 

Earrings are truly a statement and an accessory piece that I could not live without! They give you character and serves as a conversational piece with strangers.  I love to create and thought my love for earrings and art could be combined.   Gemocracy is my art and form of expression..  As we all are created equally, in our world and democracy, so are my wonderful gems! 

May you find the perfect accessory, that makes you shine like the hidden gem you are! 

Thank you for your love and support.  Shop til you drop and "go find some earrings to put on." 

Truly yours, EnJouli